Connecting Scholars to Learning Analytics

Learning analytics present a wonderful opportunity to improve what we know about and how we practice education. Over the past three years we have been connecting both emerging and established scholars to opportunities to discover more about learning analytics, develop new collaborative strategies and projects, and to share their expanded knowledge with their home institutions.

We have asked a few of our fellows to write essays for this site, asking questions like how do we visualize and learn from our surroundings, how do we understand player values and conceptions of games, how can we use data to scale playful learning, and how can physical learning experiences be improved through learning analytics?

We are excited to continue to build on the work of the DCF that has started with our convenings, workshops, and essays. If you would like to know more about our work, then feel free to contact us at: dcf (at) The DCF has been made possible by a generous grant from The National Science Foundation.

An image showing the logos of institutions affiliated with the DCF. From left to right: the DCF logo, The Complex Play Lab logo, and The University of Madison - Wisconsin logo.